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Breaking Up is Hard To Do: Divorce in Virginia

July 15, 2019

Ending a marriage is a cumbersome and emotional experience. Even an uncontested divorce can raise many issues that a good attorney can help you work through.

Choosing the Right Commercial Lease

June 20, 2019

In a commercial real estate lease, who pays the real estate taxes, insurance, and maintenance costs? The type of lease will tell you the answer. 

The Future Is Bright for Solar Energy

May 16, 2019

Solar power producers increasingly look to Southside Virginia as a destination for the development of renewable energy. As this trend unfolds, Adams and Fisk, PLC is uniquely positioned to assist clients with the complexities of solar farms, including issues involving contracts, land use, environmental regulations and zoning. This Virginia Business article outlined key components of this emerging market.

Real Estate is Key to New Opportunity Zones

April 15, 2019

Numerous opportunity zones have been announced for Southside Virginia and real estate investors are expected to benefit greatly from this new designation. This article explores the benefits of investing in these new opportunity zones. 

Virginia's New Tax Package and How it Affects You

March 16, 2019

We are in the middle of tax season here in Virginia and a new tax package was passed and signed into law. This article from the Richmond Times-Dispatch provides a good overview of changes that have been made and the issues associated with them.